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The Coloured Days
Original title: Los días de colores
Category: Fiction | General Fiction
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The Coloured Days

Original title: Los días de colores
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

The reader will be taken back to their adolescence and relive it through the eyes of Camino, a character who shines in her dialogues, monologues, dreams and pain. Three characters dance around this beacon to complete her emotional universe: José, her father, a masterful lesson in unconditional love and tenderness; her older sister Nuria, who soon becomes a spectator, representing constant doubt, forced happiness, and hurtful lies; the person whom one misses but is never there. And together with them, the destabilizing character, Gloria, the obsessively religious mother who dictates the path and education of her whole family, including her husband.

Highlights The Coloured Days


A novel that will change readers’ attitudes and feelings towards friendship, pain, maternity, paternity, the family and, above all, love.


Los días de colores is a novel about characters and emotions. It is a different kind of novel in which feelings are given prominence over actions.

The writing resounds with the emotions of an eleven-year old girl who, sick without knowing it, falls in love with a boy and dedicates her intense days to this hope and excitement without letting anything get in the way. As the novel progresses it reveals more and more details about this magical life with imagination winning out over reality.

Technical data

Publishing date: | 560 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10291-5 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta